Midnight Sun Pickleball Team

Midnight Sun Pickleball Team

Alaska Group

Alaska Group
Meeting in Peace River

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving Across Canada!

                                          Dinner Time!

                                           Rigs at the Moose Lodge in Edmonton, Canada!

                                           Rene and his buddy Cliff!
                                          Rene with his turn with the Goofy hat!

                                           Bob picking up after Emily!!!!

May 21 - May 23, 2011

         We left the Casino around 9:15 AM and began our 350 mile journey to Edmonton, Alberta.  The landscape is becoming hilly but very few towns along the way.  We enjoyed our ride and we found the Moose Lodge after a false reading on the GPS!  We set up camp in the parking lot and enjoyed a turkey dinner at our place.

         We spent the day exploring the largest mall in North America.  Oh how I wish we had a mall like this....hugh indoor water park, amusement park, hotels and over 800 shops!  No question you could shop to you drop!  We had lunch in the mall and came back to the Moose Lodge and the girls played some pickle ball!  We are leaving in the morning and heading for the Alaska Highway!

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