Midnight Sun Pickleball Team

Midnight Sun Pickleball Team

Alaska Group

Alaska Group
Meeting in Peace River

Friday, May 6, 2011

April 26- May 1, 2011 Tennesse to Indiana

   We arrived at the  Horseshoe Lake Thousand Trails around noon!  We followed the GPS....mistake!! She took us down some back road with the Wabash River overflowing!  All the rivers and lakes in this area are completely overflowing due to the large amounts of rain!
   We went to Fazzoli's Italian Restaurant for dinner....reminded us of Kentucky when we visited our daughter Sherri at Asbury College!  We visited Clinton a small little town near here and visited the covered bridges in the area! They have many covered bridges, however we only visited  6 because of the flooding and distance between them!
   We enjoyed a great dinner at the Beef House on Rt 63 & Rt.74 in Indiana near the Illinois border.

     We talked to Rene and Mira....she went to the hospital because of severe pains everywhere!  They took x-rays and gave her pain and muscle relaxers.  I'm sure she will be feeling a lot better!  Our prayers are with her.

      The pickle ball net was put up but we have not played due to RAIN!  Rich and Dee should be here tomorrow.

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