Midnight Sun Pickleball Team

Midnight Sun Pickleball Team

Alaska Group

Alaska Group
Meeting in Peace River

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello Canada!

                                          Bob & Vicki being checked at customs!
                                           Dakota Dunes Casino....Canada

May 20, 2011
              We finally arrived in Canada!  We crossed the border in North Dakota and entered Canada in Porta, Saskatchewan.  Our experiences crossing were quite exciting!  Rich and Dee were held up with customs for two and a half hours!  Vicki and Bob's coach was also checked inside...but Rene, Mira, Dean and I crossed without any problems!
              The land was flat and you could see for miles and miles.  We spent the night at the Dakota Dunes Casino in Saskatoon.  They even supplied electric for all the coaches!  We all joined the Dakota Dunes
Casino Players Club where we received $10.00 each to play and $5.00 off our food!  We all played...no big winners!  Oh well....goodnight!
             My apologies...I will not have access to the Internet in Canada!  If we are not in a spot that has wi fi ...forget it!

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