Midnight Sun Pickleball Team

Midnight Sun Pickleball Team

Alaska Group

Alaska Group
Meeting in Peace River

Saturday, April 23, 2011

From Georgia to Tennessee!

    April 17-25, 2011

   Our journey from Georgia to Tennessee was very relaxing!  We drove over rolling hills with fields of yellow Golden rod!  We arrived at the Natchez Trace Thousand Trails and staked our spots at the top of the hill!

   Mira, Rene, Dean and I played pickle ball with Travis, Jane& Gill every morning...!  Not to many pickle ball players...but we still had a great time!  In the evenings we played Mexican Train and Mira and Margie were the winners!

   We spent an afternoon visiting Lawrenceburg.  We explored antique shops, the old jail and  pharmacy.... where we enjoyed speaking to the local folks and a ice cold milk shake! We drove through the David Crockett State Park and the Amish country. We stopped in a couple of the homes of the Amish and purchased some jars of jelly and pickles for our journey to Alaska!

   One afternoon we experienced a hail storm! The hail was the size of nickles...what noise they make on the roof!  As we continued home we came upon a one lane bridge that was impassable due to flooding!

   We visited the Meriwether Lewis monument and grave on the Natchez Trace along with a hike to the Hallow Falls! The falls were very impressive...lots of water and lovely wildflowers along the way.

   Travis had us all over for burgers at his place on Friday night! We had a ham dinner in the lodge after cocktails at our house. We are going to Nashville on Easter after church and breakfast !   Margie

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